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Akers Charles T Jr(205-681-4609)
Layton Brandon(205-472-2942)
Layton Brandy(205-472-2942)
Layton James F(205-472-0267)
Powe Jimmy W(205-472-3467)
Callahan Dustin M(205-472-4290)
Holder Betty(205-472-3243)
National Cement Co(205-472-2191)
Boswell Clovis(205-472-2464)
Boswell Regina(205-472-0005)
Echols Jeffery(205-472-0143)
Daffron Bernice(205-472-2562)
Kelley Hilda E(205-472-3120)
Poe Edna(205-472-2876)
Boswell Billy(205-472-3379)
Boswell Tim(205-472-0114)
Caldwell Johnny B(205-472-3195)
Daffron Peggy J(205-472-2895)
Dollar B L(205-472-2041)
Wells James(205-472-0227)
Wells Marilyn(205-472-0227)
Turner Donald R(205-472-2446)
God's Temple Church(205-472-2853)
Wood Anne(205-472-2989)
Bell Lee(205-472-3255)
McCullough Stanley(205-472-3523)
Ford Danny(205-472-2716)
Bice Tim(205-472-3192)
Little Jolene(205-472-2704)
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