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Cobb Kenneth(205-364-7204)
Martin Irene(256-292-3550)
Armstrong Donald F(256-292-3580)
Hyatt Rayford(256-292-3586)
The Peninsula at Lewis Smith Lake(205-489-3728)
Colonial Bank(205-445-2260)
Aldridge Roger(256-292-3557)
Drake Cleveland(256-292-3300)
Whisenant Hoyt(256-292-3531)
Warren Odean(256-292-3356)
Hawsey Arther L(256-292-3262)
Hicks Fred E(256-292-3294)
Hall L C(256-292-3524)
Thornthwaite Art(256-292-3305)
Borden Docky(256-292-3277)
Borden Audrey(256-292-3398)
Williams V A(256-292-3254)
England Howard Jr(256-292-3350)
Osborn Jackie L(256-292-3250)
Jackson Dennis(256-292-3266)
Huckaba Sherry(256-292-3336)
Smith Coy E(256-292-3279)
Burnett Wesley(256-292-3275)
Hall Charles T(256-292-3264)
Parker Charles(256-292-3379)
Garrison Dexter(256-292-3320)
Garrison Evelyn(256-292-3255)
Whisenant Herman(256-292-3543)
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