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Allen James B(334-289-1860)
Mayor's Ofc(334-624-8119)
Police Dept(334-624-3902)
Hale County Library(334-624-3409)
Hale County of(334-624-3409)
John E Owens Jr Educational &(334-624-5333)
Cobbs Nicholas H Jr Atty(334-624-4202)
Sudduth Land(334-624-1290)
Sudduth Land and Timber(334-624-1290)
Sudduth Timber(334-624-1290)
Scott Fletcher(334-624-7885)
P & C Salon(334-624-1340)
Community Care Resource(334-624-9131)
Allstate Insurance Companies(334-624-3074)
Micheal Harrow Realty(334-624-3074)
Seale William C(334-624-3074)
Turpin Vise Insurance Agency(334-624-3074)
Bobby's Shoe Shop(334-624-7870)
Cornett Financial Services(334-624-8483)
Jorgensen Charles(334-624-1661)
Bailey Ann(334-624-4477)
Sledge Hardware(334-624-8455)
Adams & Associates(334-624-3441)
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