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Fuller J(251-246-7272)
Knowles Donald(251-246-2103)
Arrington Ed(251-246-0240)
Nowlin Samuel E(251-246-2466)
Powell Chris(251-246-9280)
Counselman Ronnie(251-246-3717)
Wheat F S(251-246-7383)
Brown Kenneth(251-246-2072)
Fourcault Minnie(251-246-7260)
Glover Joseph(251-246-0141)
Glover Verbie(251-246-0141)
Butler Frank(251-246-0319)
Harrell Larry P(251-246-2155)
Chapman Glendine(251-275-8028)
Coates Kenneth(251-275-4391)
Chapman Hattie W(251-275-4505)
Bumpers Amanda(251-275-4490)
Bumpers Otis(251-275-4490)
Goodman R D(251-246-7658)
Shepard John SR(251-626-1503)
Leggett Janie(251-246-1578)
Gunter Hiram(251-247-2330)
Conerly Robert(251-247-1543)
Conerly Victoria(251-247-1543)
Blackwell Lawrence(251-246-1409)
Blackwell Charles(251-246-4532)
Bradford R P(251-246-5089)
Country Store & Bottom Line Cafe(251-246-3200)
Dean Deloris(251-246-2071)
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