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Armstrong Gertrude(256-659-2040)
Walker Kevin(256-779-2840)
Lakeshore Fish Camp and Resort(256-422-3471)
Walraven Doris(256-422-5398)
Harrell W D(256-422-6123)
Luckett James H(256-422-3517)
Morgan Billy J(256-422-3688)
Morgan Helen(256-422-3688)
Weiss Lake Memorial Gardens(256-422-3032)
Bridges James W(256-422-3281)
Elrod Martha(256-422-3130)
Slayton Ashley(256-422-3594)
Towe David(256-422-3587)
Chumbler Carol(256-422-3302)
Chumbler Jack(256-422-3302)
Wilson Roger A(256-422-6161)
Vanpelt Rodney(256-422-5207)
Canada Michael(256-422-5468)
Pope Lynn(256-422-3984)
Stancell Dalana(256-422-3541)
Colbert Benny(256-422-3441)
Colbert Corey(256-422-6454)
Colbert Dee(256-422-6454)
Morris Charley G(256-422-5606)
Smith Tiffany(256-422-5415)
Griffin Kevin J(256-422-3738)
Mason James(256-422-3150)
Mason Jeannie(256-422-3150)
Mason Gary(256-422-3598)
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