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Avery Ronnie(334-289-4538)
Reed Bettie(334-289-5850)
Reid J M(334-289-8643)
Richardson Tijuanna(334-289-1412)
Riggs Mary(334-289-8176)
Rogers Dorothy(334-287-0322)
Rogers Frank(334-287-0322)
Rowe Sterling(334-289-5616)
Russell C J(334-289-5176)
Russell H D(334-289-1306)
Russell Karlos(334-289-0816)
Simmons Emma(334-289-9689)
Singleton Terry W(334-289-0128)
Spann Bertha(334-287-1236)
Spencer Sallie(334-287-0454)
Steward Webb(334-289-4838)
Stiewinder Adelle(334-289-1758)
Stone James(334-289-8308)
Sullivan Bob(334-287-0522)
Taylor J S(334-289-8157)
Taylor Z(334-289-9544)
Thomas Gloria(334-289-7307)
Town of Forkland(334-289-3032)
Trotman Marie S(334-289-1381)
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