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Wise Mizell(334-858-6350)
Wallace Clarence(334-858-8558)
Dukes Katherine(334-858-5608)
King Kenneth L(334-858-4107)
Bass M L(334-858-2700)
Bass Grady F(334-858-4630)
Brown R W(334-858-7156)
Weaver Jessie(334-858-8579)
Pelham Connie(334-858-6027)
Cox L A(334-858-8323)
Smith Pamela S(334-858-3161)
Weeks M E(334-858-2084)
Jackson Julia F(334-858-8228)
Henderson Christina(334-858-4887)
Parker Kenneth(334-858-4887)
Cook Paul A(334-858-4996)
Coon Alton(334-858-4432)
Sullivan Eddie(334-858-2341)
Sullivan Tammy(334-858-2341)
Davis S(334-858-4539)
Davis T(334-858-4539)
Townsend Paul(334-858-5717)
Reese Christine(334-858-5240)
Florala Church of God Youth Dept(334-858-4069)
Lynn James W(334-858-4224)
Harbuck Tracy S(334-858-4959)
Haynes Curtis(334-858-5103)
Haynes Harold(334-858-8731)
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