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Adams John(256-359-4652)
Jones Harvey L(256-232-2261)
Vinson Donna(256-233-3048)
Bullington Tena D(256-233-7607)
Gooch T(256-233-2874)
Persell Gregory J(256-232-4055)
Johnson Mary(256-216-5789)
Johnson Wayne(256-216-5789)
Williams R(256-232-8701)
Williams S(256-232-8701)
Conn Henry L(256-232-4626)
Collins Keri(256-230-3033)
Collins Rocky(256-230-3033)
Thornton Larry(256-232-5740)
Hicks Anthony(256-233-2460)
McDougle John A(256-233-1019)
McDougle Teresa(256-233-1019)
Eudy Eugene W(256-232-7737)
Cottles Charles E(256-232-8723)
Cottles Greg(256-771-2044)
Cottles K F(256-771-2972)
Wooldridge P W(256-232-9709)
Truth Baptist Church(256-230-0308)
Blakely Andy(256-216-9895)
Byers Robert(256-216-9875)
Gray Mike(256-771-0042)
Gray Shannon(256-771-0042)
Kilgore Jay(256-232-0748)
Reyer Patricia(256-216-9875)
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