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Allenbaugh Robert(205-665-1320)
Lockett William E(205-926-9848)
Lord M E(205-926-7557)
Lovejoy Bobby L(205-926-7115)
Marchant John A(205-926-4265)
McCary Bettylene(205-926-7543)
McDaniel Memorial United Methodis(205-926-7456)
McGrew M E(205-926-4980)
McMillan J T Jr(205-926-7000)
Medders Minor(205-926-9744)
Meigs John S Jr MD(205-926-4881)
Miles Donald C(205-926-4621)
Mitchell J E(205-926-7114)
Mitchell James A(205-926-7254)
Mitchell Lawrence(205-926-9871)
Moon Willie E(205-926-3952)
Morris William S(205-926-4569)
Mosley Arthur(205-926-4566)
Murphy I D(205-926-7277)
Murphy John W(205-926-7802)
Murphy M C(205-926-4974)
Murphy Myrtle(205-926-7802)
Odell Willie M(205-926-7472)
Owen Mazell(205-926-4780)
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