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Roberts Larry(205-629-7183)
Self Lee(205-780-4657)
Herring Henrietta(205-780-1387)
Vines A G(205-436-3448)
Stamps Howard N Jr(205-436-3360)
Cartee Ryan(205-436-5599)
Glaze Randy(205-436-3468)
Loggins Frank(205-787-9975)
Patterson Mildred(205-787-3192)
Honor Renia(205-780-7572)
Hayes Arthur D Dr Vet(205-744-5200)
Parsons Stevan H Dr Vet(205-744-5200)
Jones Betty L(205-786-4850)
Watkins Lloyd D(205-787-9339)
Trammell Anita(205-785-3342)
Johnson Willie(205-780-3209)
Ginn B J(205-781-4394)
Lohg Betty(205-780-6953)
Porter Penny(205-781-1304)
Curry Darryl(205-780-2525)
Thomas Charles D(205-788-3345)
Bonnel Jimmie Jr(205-788-7245)
Terpo B(205-497-0662)
Lyon Carolyn(205-497-3110)
Jones H(205-497-1829)
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