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Atkins Wilson W(256-773-9714)
Spidle Terry E(205-477-1454)
Snider Bubba(205-477-1531)
Snider Cissy(205-477-1531)
Driver Cheryl(205-477-2198)
Delfin Teresa D(205-477-0295)
Fancher Ray T(205-477-9931)
Davenport Gina(205-477-8435)
Davenport Keith(205-477-8435)
Perkins Bobby(205-477-1614)
Perkins Meredith(205-477-1614)
Quiglay Virginia(205-477-9812)
Ruiz Raymond(205-477-7836)
Daughtery Denise(205-477-0221)
Houlditch Geoffrey(205-477-1611)
Tapley Jerome(205-477-0562)
Tapley Kelli(205-477-0562)
Peterson Alan(205-477-0548)
Peterson Lenna(205-477-0548)
Woods Kelly(205-477-1081)
Knittel Helmut(205-477-6190)
Rettig M W(205-426-0883)
Tom Weaver & Associates(205-428-0030)
Weaver Bill(205-425-3119)
Weaver Sarah(205-425-3119)
Wheeler Lee(205-426-0859)
Pilkinton James V(205-425-1346)
Van Pilkinton James(205-428-8182)
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