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Blomeley Charles W(205-788-4706)
Oliver Thomas W(205-785-1028)
Jones James(205-781-2096)
Gentry Stacey(205-785-7039)
Langford Jeanette(205-780-6116)
Dixon Percy L(205-251-7695)
Dixon Veronica N(205-251-3438)
Harris Mary B(205-324-7722)
Bowman Lee(205-252-4367)
Baker Clifford(205-251-8640)
White Vivian(205-252-8844)
Herring Jim Jr(205-251-6249)
Foster V(205-324-7703)
Buford V M(205-252-1021)
Meredith Haywood(205-251-0112)
Black T P(205-326-0083)
Kelley E S(205-324-8228)
Willingham Sadie(205-322-1906)
Bray Angela(205-324-9789)
Bray Earnest Jr(205-326-0932)
Gary Richard(205-324-3606)
Doers of the Word Christian Outre(205-324-6177)
Henderson Eulisia(205-322-1743)
Rice Joanne(205-328-3327)
Lofton Leo(205-324-8985)
Lofton Patricia T(205-322-9210)
Bogan Juliette(205-323-6621)
Ellington Juliette(205-252-0764)
Beckham Bo(205-328-3371)
Beckham Deloris(205-328-3371)
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