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Ezell James R(256-820-3205)
Penland Kimberlie(256-237-0166)
McGathy Goldie S(256-237-3756)
Bricker Stella O(256-238-8153)
Larson S J(256-235-2410)
Peppers B(256-237-6170)
Carter Earline(256-847-3567)
Carter Jimmie L(256-847-3567)
Koster M C(256-820-7675)
Carr Mary(256-820-1378)
Knox B C(256-820-0168)
Smith Charles E(256-820-9570)
Smith Ingrid(256-820-9570)
Boone Barbara(256-820-6411)
Lynch Lamar(256-820-9520)
Bradford Stephanie(256-820-6666)
Thompson Rogelia(256-820-7399)
Welch Michelle(256-820-1649)
Scott Peggy T(256-820-5026)
Clark M E(256-820-8371)
Morris Elmer G(256-820-4339)
Roosma Cristine(256-848-9723)
Roosma Ryan(256-848-9723)
Sims Ned S(256-820-0395)
Walker Drexel L(256-820-6174)
Elston Harriet(256-820-5378)
Elston John(256-820-5378)
Price Maxine(256-820-2209)
Rainer Howard L(256-820-1783)
Welch Barbara(256-847-8458)
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